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A New Safety Gate at a Dangerous Rail Crossing

On Thursday, May 21, a new safety gate was unveiled in Stamford at one of the most dangerous rail crossings on Metro North’s New Haven Line.

The cost of the new gate and new signals at the crossing, which was $1.27 million, was paid for by the state Department of Transportation, the city of Stamford and the Riverbend Center office park.

The need for a new gate was highlighted in 2008 when a 17 year old motorist was hit by a Metro North train and then again in 2011 when two more motorists were hit in a two month period.

Construction on the Riverbend crossing and the new gate and signaling system began on April 9 and finished on May 6.

Mayor David Martin congratulated those who had paid for the gate for the crossing which previously only had flashing lights and bells. He went on to say that the gate was bound to save lives.

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